I’m Buffy.

Wellness Coach, Speaker, Business Consultant, Believer, and Health Geek here to always show you the hope of what could be.

My Mission

I’m in the business of helping you become your very own wellness buff by providing you with the right tools and discernment to help educate and empower you to live well and feel whole.

I value root cause awareness, developing systems that function for YOU, and creating accountability to help you achieve the goals you have for your health.

What I Do


1:1 wellness coaching can be a great way to get that super individualized care based on your needs and goals. 1:1 coaching can occur in person (if wilmington, nc) or virtually, and allows you to ask your specific questions, and talk through specific and unique ways to help you heal at the foundational level. These 1:1’s are a great way to cultivate deep and lasting health not just for today, but for all your tomorrow’s to come.


I’m also available to come speak to your company, organization, church, or group to help educate about a variety of health and wellness topics including but not limited to: faith and mental health, stress reduction, neuroinflammation, practical wellness for every day, and mental health.

Wellness Intensives

These include 1-day events, and weekend retreats. All designed to give you adequate time and space to really dive deeply into what it is you have going on and/or to give proper space for really practicing/implementing what you’re learning so you can truly embody the healing, and carry this with you into your day to day. 

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Let’s work together!

It takes a lot of grit to be all that you were made to be! We are constantly fighting a world that corrupts, toxifies, and endangers the innate wisdom that has been encoded into your DNA. It’s time to fight back, and I want to help you do that. Be sure to reach out today to discover all the wonderful ways we might be able to work together!