I’m Buffy.

Your Functional Mental Health Coach, Healing Intensives Facilitator, Business Consultant, Speaker, and Stress Management Specialist here to help you LIVE WELL and FEEL WHOLE.

My Mission: Keep you mentally strong & healthy so you can keep doing what you’re passionate about!

I’m all about helping healing professionals stay healthy, focused, motivated, and driven to keep rockin’ their clients’ worlds! My mission is to be the ultimate mental health booster for the helping and healing professionals who work tirelessly to uplift others. Think of me as your very own wellness buff, dishing out personalized support and strategies to keep you feeling like the superhero you are. Because when you’re at your best, your clients reap the rewards. Let’s team up and keep the healing power flowing!

What I Do


1:1 Functional Mental Health Coaching is your passport to a life of balance, clarity, and vitality. My innovative approach blends the latest insights from psychology, neuroscience, and holistic wellness to empower you to thrive. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter solutions and hello to personalized strategies tailored to your unique needs and goals. Whether you’re seeking relief from anxiety, a boost in resilience, recovery from traumas, or simply a roadmap to greater well-being, I am here to guide you every step of the way. Get ready to unlock your full potential and live your best life with Functional Mental Health Coaching.”


As a Mental Health and Wellness Keynote Speaker, I bring a fresh perspective and engaging insights to audiences eager to prioritize their well-being. With a blend of expertise in psychology, alternative health + wellness, bringing faith to the mental health landscape, and personal development, I inspire and empower audiences to cultivate resilience, foster positive habits, and thrive in today’s fast-paced world. From corporate events to conferences and beyond, let’s ignite a spark of inspiration and set the stage for transformative change together. Get ready to embark on a journey towards greater well-being and resilience with a keynote experience that leaves a lasting impact.


Experience a transformative journey in just one day with our Healing Intensives. Dive deep into self-discovery, clarity, and growth as you embark on a personalized mini-retreat designed to revitalize your mind, body, and soul. Our intensives offer a unique blend of evidence-based techniques, immersive experiential learning, and one-on-one support to address your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re seeking to overcome past trauma, break through limiting beliefs, or enhance your overall well-being, our intensive sessions provide a safe and nurturing space for profound healing and transformation. Take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow with our Healing Intensives – a day dedicated to your well-being and empowerment.

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Ready to upgrade your mental wellness game? Let’s make it happen! 🚀 Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and hello to personalized strategies that actually work for YOU. Whether you’re battling stress, seeking clarity, or just ready to level up your life, I’m here to walk alongside you in your journey to healing! Let’s banish those mental roadblocks and unleash your full potential together. Click that button and let’s get started!