Wellness or Business Coaching

Boost your health + Boost your Business

Wellness Coaching is for my frontline workers out there (think healthcare, ministry workers, non profit leaders, basically any people who care for people).

I help frontline workers enhance their mental and physical health to mitigate stress caused by their jobs so they can continue to show up in empowered and present ways for themselves, their families, and their clientele. 


Business Coaching is primarily for my new therapists and healers at large. I help career newbies find their voice so they can elevate their career experience, earn more financially, and reduce career burnout. 


Wellness Buff Healing Intensives

How it Works

  1. First We: CONNECT! – You’re ready & motivated to heal, and get all systems back online and functioning how they’re designed to. Schedule a consultation call, or go ahead and book an intake and we will get started with history/ goals/ groundedness for your healing journey.

2. Then We: Decide if a healing intensive or business intensive is a good fit for you, or whether or not you may just need individual sessions. Once we decide, we get to work helping you heal and grow so that you can best support the people entrusted to your care daily.

3. And Lastly We: EMPOWER YOU to go out there and be your own wellness buff. You will know how to advocate for your healing, engage in self healing interventions, and will know the steps to take to prevent any further decline in mental health + wellness functioning.

Wellness Coaching

The Results:

The reason my clients get the results they get, is because I have a RADICAL HOPE for them, when they can’t hope for themselves. Even when they feel completely defeated, I know how to stand hand in hand with them and give them the hand-up (not handout) they deserve. I WILL NOT believe in the illness mentality this society so easily hands out, and I don’t expect my clients to either. 

I want you to go the distance. I want you to THRIVE. I want you to feel the autonomy that comes with being your own wellness buff and advocating for yourself where needed. The clients I’ve worked with have never doubted that I was in their corner, and you won’t either. I’m here for you! To hold you accountable, to qualify your metrics, and to walk alongside you in this journey to healing and wholeness. 

  • Reduced Stress/Oxidative Stress
  • Noticeably Reduced Inflammation
  • Better Sleep Hygiene
  • Deep Awareness of Baselines
  • Improved Labs
  • Increased Motivation for Change
  • More Energy
  • Improved Mood/Resilience
  • Ability to Advocate for Yourself + Deep Education


Nervous System Regulation Cheat Sheet

Reduce Anxiety Cheat Sheet

Nutrition + Mental Health Webinar


Let’s work together!

If you’re feeling that tug on your heart or your mind to saying “YES” to taking your mental health + wellness to the next level, then be sure to reach out today! You don’t have to walk this journey alone – let me be your support system!



I’m so grateful for the time I was able to spend with Buffy! I came to her with a long list of concerns including fatigue, weight gain, skin issues and more. She listened attentively and helped me take a step back from the overwhelm. She shared small, practical solutions in my days to help me feel calm. She also recommended supplements and nutrition changes that have been incredibly helpful! Buffy has a heart of pure gold and is a blessing to anyone who has the honor of knowing and working with her!

– Shannon