Healing Intensives

The Best way to Jumpstart Healing

Healing Intensives offer dedicated time and space in a supercharged way to help you really grasp & embody the healing that is needed for you. Think of it like compressing multiple months of therapy into a one-day intensive, or weekend retreat. Healing intensives are geared towards individuals and couples looking for a customized experience. There’s nothing quite like having someone else give you a direct plan of action to make you motivated for change!

Wellness Buff Healing Intensives

Types of Intensives

  • Faith-Based Weekend Retreats: Weekend retreats happen throughout the year (be sure to check the calendar), and offer a luxury time away from the noise to really focus on YOU. Retreat costs include: your stay, guided fitness/yoga flows throughout the weekend, healthy meals, a wellness “swag bag”, guided group processing/discussions, and usually some form of excursion.
  • 1-Day Deep Dives: Deep Dives are a great tool to have ample time to really “lay it all out there” and feel secure knowing you’ve got room to really share where you’re at in multiple arenas of life. You will walk away with these deliverables: a 3 month health + wellness routine guide, a list of all recommended labs/supplements to get for yourself to know your baselines, an educational PDF outlining what was discussed with resources attached, as well as fillable PDFs/worksheets to guide you on your journey beyond our time together.

How do you know this is right for you?

Who are Healing Intensives For?


  • If you feel like you lack time and energy to devote to multiple months of work in the therapy office.
  • If you feel like one hour at a time is just not enough to really gain traction on the issues you’ve been dealing with.
  • If you have multiple different facets of healing you’d like to dive into (i.e. mental health, spiritual health, physical body symptoms, etc.)
  • If you feel like the work in between therapy sessions tends to get lost on you. 
  • If you feel ready to have the hard conversations all at once to achieve greater change faster.
  • If you feel like you are in crisis and need more than one hour to really navigate all the barriers/issues surrounding your current struggle.
  • If you’re looking to not only talk through your history but get some baseline tests done (blood glucose, muscle response testing, urine pH analysis, etc.) to understand where to go from here.
  • If you’re looking to have tangible information, guidelines, and homework that you can take home with you to begin using immediately.


  • If you feel like your relationship is falling apart.
  • If you feel like you and your partner are not connecting in ways that matter.
  • If you feel like you and your partner often have scheduling difficulties and it would be easier to pick one day to “get it all done.”
  • If you’re looking for practical and experiential ways to ground yourself more fully and experience what its like to communicate in a safe and grounded way.
  • If you’re looking to actively practice the communication skills you’re learning with the safety of someone who can guide you through it.
  • If you have a hard time getting your partner to therapy once, so you’d rather have one intensive day rather than create an argument of dragging your partner to therapy multiple times a month. 
  • If you’re looking for practical skills, tools, and homework to begin utilizing in your relationship immediately.

What to Expect/ The Process:

Hours 1-2

We start by taking a thorough assessment/history of where you’re at, and what brought you to this point. The beginning of every healing intensive includes grounding practices to also provide you with experiential time to prep body and mind for the work that will take place during the day.

Hours 2-4

Once we know where you’re coming from, and what you’re working with, as well as have grounded you for the experience at hand we will then move onto the meat and potatoes of the work. This part will look different for everyone. It might include more grounding for nervous system healing, it might include some additional baseline testing, it also might include doing some deep processing via some form of evidenced based therapeutic interventions.  

Hours 4-5 and Beyond!

Towards the end of our time together, we will wrap up and review all that was discussed or learned throughout session. We will determine some “on your own” goals to work towards after our time ends, and you will close out with some additional nervous system regulation and grounding. Beyond our time together, I will spend about 2-4 hours creating your “healing guide” that will be delivered and tailored directly to YOU. 

What You’ll Walk Away With

Healing Intensives


When you have the time and space to accurately express yourself, it’s amazing the amount of clarity you can gain about the *source* of your struggles. Healing intensives provide time and space to get clear on not just where you’re struggling, but where you want to be in your mental health + wellness journey!

Education + Baseline Awareness

You’ll also gain an immense amount of education, because I LOVE educating my clients on the ways systems of the body are designed to function. You will also gain a deep understanding of where you are on the spectrum of health today and what are the optimal ranges/goals of where you want to be moving forward.


There’s no sense in investing in your health in this way if you can’t walk away with some tangibles. At the end of our Healing Intensive you will walk away with a 3 month health + wellness routine guide, a list of all labs/supplements you might need based on where you’re at, an educational workbook, and fillable PDFs/worksheets to guide you on your journey beyond our time together.

Upcoming Retreat

The Sacred Rhythms Retreat will be coming up this fall!

WHEN: October 20-22, 2023

WHERE: Ocean Isle Beach

INCLUDES: 2 night stay at airbnb, guided fitness/yoga flows, group processing time, 4 healthy meals, a wellness swag bag, as well as take home deliverables to continue to journey to healing, and MORE.

COST: Varies depending on room size – email hello@wellnessbuff.org 
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