Hi there,

I’m Buffy Andrews!

I am a brain health geek, licensed therapist, functional mental health coach & consultant, board certified functional wellness practitioner, believer, and your wellness buff extraordinaire!

I’m your Functional Mental Health Coach, here to be your guide, cheerleader, and partner in crime on this epic adventure to well-being. Think of me as your personal mental fitness trainer – we’re gonna flex those mental muscles, boost your resilience, and have a blast while doing it! So, grab your cape (or your favorite cozy blanket) and let’s embark on this journey together. Get ready to thrive like never before!
Healing professionals, it’s time to prioritize your own well-being! Ready to level up your mental wellness game? Let’s team up and unlock your full potential. Say goodbye to burnout and hello to resilience, clarity, and joy. Click below to schedule your session and let’s start thriving together!

Break up with Burnout.
Say Hello to Healing.
Get good at setting boundaries.
Find fun & joy for your passions again.
Progress over Perfection.